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wasting away again in margaritaville

looking for my lost shaker of salt

this frozen concotion that helps me hang on
15 September
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--I'm a total band nerd. I play mainly flute and piccolo.
--I'm in love with the Beatles and 60s.
--I don't like reality TV ie Laguna Beach and the OC or rap music or stupid celebrities like Paris Hilton, the Olsen twins, and Nicole Richie unlike many of my peers.
--I love sarcasm, which would be one of the reasons why I love the Simpsons.

I use this journal to complain about stupid things/band a lot, so brace yourselves. =) I hate this username now-- I made it in 8th grade and I'm now a sophomore --but I'm too lazy to make a switch over. This journal remains FRIENDS ONLY! I don't add people from my school on this journal, so you can just turn away from this journal now if you go to CHS. I'll add pretty much anyone else.

Though all of that is still true, I have a new journal now. Click here to get to it. Please add me! =)

thanks ohcandy for the layout!